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Clear Plant Saucer Set with Labels - 15 Pack

Protect Your Plants with GROWNEER's 15-Pack of Clear Plant Saucers and Labels - Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens!

- Prevents water damage: These saucers are designed to catch excess water and prevent it from damaging your floors or furniture. This makes them ideal for indoor use, especially if you have carpet or hardwood floors.
- Comes with plant labels: The GROWNEER 15 Pack of Plant Saucers also comes with 15 plant labels, which makes it easy to keep track of your plants and their watering needs. This is especially helpful if you have a large collection of plants.

The GROWNEER 15 Pack of 6, 8, 10 Inches Clear Plant Saucers Flower Pot Trays is a must-have for any indoor or outdoor gardener. This pack comes with 15 pieces of plastic plant saucer drip trays that are perfect for catching excess water and soil from your potted plants. The clear design allows you to easily see any water accumulation and helps prevent overwatering. The saucers come in three sizes, 6, 8, and 10 inches, making them versatile for a variety of plant pot sizes. Additionally, the pack includes 15 plant labels, allowing you to easily keep track of your plants. These plant saucers are durable, reusable, and easy to clean, making them a great investment for any plant enthusiast.