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Clear Plant Saucer 6-Pack - Durable Plastic Trays for Indoor Plants (5-12 inch)

Protect Your Indoor Plants with FUTED Clear Plant Saucer 6 Pack - Durable Plastic Trays for Water Catching and Plant Care!

- Protects Surfaces: These plant saucers are designed to catch any excess water or soil that may leak out of the bottom of the plant pot, keeping your floors, furniture, and other surfaces safe from damage.
- Clear Design: The clear plastic material of these plant saucers allows you to easily see the water level and condition of your plants' roots. This makes it easier to determine when your plants need watering or other care.

The FUTED 6 Pack Clear Plant Saucer is an essential tool for indoor gardening. The pack includes 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12-inch sizes, perfect for a variety of plant pots. The durable plastic material ensures that the saucers are sturdy and long-lasting. The clear design allows for easy visibility of any water overflow, making it easy to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your plants. The plant water catcher tray prevents water from spilling onto your floors or furniture, protecting your home from damage. With the FUTED 6 Pack Clear Plant Saucer, you can enjoy the beauty of indoor gardening without the hassle of cleaning up water spills.