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Clear Plant Saucer Drip Trays - 20 Pack

Protect Your Plants with Ease: UltraOutlet 20 Pack Clear Plastic Plant Saucers - Perfect for Indoor Flower Pots and Planters

- Bulk value: The pack of 20 saucer drip trays provides great value for money, making it an affordable option for those who need multiple saucers for their plants.
- Easy to clean: The clear plastic material of the saucer drip trays makes them easy to clean and maintain. They can be washed with soap and water and are also dishwasher safe.

The UltraOutlet 20 Pack 6 Inches Clear Plastic Plant Saucer Drip Trays are perfect for indoor flower pots and planters. These small plant plate dishes are designed to catch excess water and soil, preventing mess and damage to surfaces. Made of durable, clear plastic, these trays are easy to clean and reusable. The bulk pack of 20 allows for multiple plants to be protected at once, making it a great value for plant enthusiasts. Measuring 6 inches in diameter, these saucers are compatible with a variety of pot sizes, making them versatile for any indoor gardening needs. With the UltraOutlet 20 Pack 6 Inches Clear Plastic Plant Saucer Drip Trays, your plants and home will stay clean and organized.